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Operations: production partners
GST AutoLeather strives to be forward-thinking, progressive, resourceful, and team-oriented. We've sought out strategic alliances with carefully screened partners to achieve our vision of providing global leather auto interiors with continued innovation, while continuing to drive down costs.

GST AutoLeather has aligned with the following companies to better service our clients' needs:

TATA International Limited SDLEDER
TIL was established in 1975 and they are the largest tannery in India. In addition to automotive leather, they produce leather for shoes, furniture, and apparel; furthermore, they produce finished footwear and leather garments. TIL has state-of-the-art equipment in place for our automotive leather business and are leaders in eco-focused initiatives. The TIL/GST JV will be the only company producing and shipping automotive leather inside India ܖ a major localization advantage. Sdleder is one of the most sophisticated leather contractors around the globe with state-of-the-art machinery equipment, very knowledgeable workforce and the best engineered Bio Energy Plant that makes the plant go energy autarchic, which is a milestone in the leather industry and a big step to a virtually green footprint. We have decided to go this way together with S�DLEDER, and we believe in their skills and use their outstanding performance to position ourselves as a reliable partner within an ecofriendly environment.
ConForm, a leading diversity supplier in the automotive industry, and GST have formed a strong strategic alliance to provide the OEM and Tier I customers with progressive solutions for the supply of leather components. Located in Leon, just four miles from our Leon facility, we have an exclusive supply agreement with Cuero Centro, the largest and most respected tannery in Mexico. This relationship provides us with preferred hide selections and services leading to a significant competitive advantage in NA.